Moodfood by Moodswings

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Moodfood is a 1992 album by Moodswings.

Moodswings is the brainchild of Grant Showbiz and James F.T. Hood (The Pretenders), probably best known for their 3 track epic re-working of Vangelis’ State of Independence, featuring the voices of Chrissy Hynde and Dr Martin Luther King.

One of my favourite Moodswings tracks ever. Released in ’92 as a 12″ and CD single, this track comes in all shapes and forms. Apart from the original album mix, only the Crunch and Technoprisoners mixes really hit the mark. Chrissie Hynde adds vocals, along with the “I have a dream..” speech by Dr Martin Luther King. Spiritual High (State of Independence) featured in the film “Single White Female”. (State of Independence was originally written by Vangelis and recorded with Donna Summer back in 1982.

As the album cover states, this is Aural medication for tired minds. That probably sums this album up in a nutshell. Recorded back in ’92, this album hasn’t aged one bit. Vangelis’ State of Independence gets a glorious reworking, woven into Spiritual High, a powerful, moving 3 part track which includes the I have a dream… speech by Dr Martin Luther King. It works brilliantly in a tasteful fashion. The album continues to cover a variety of styles of ambient dance music, which is guaranteed to appeal to all. —Global Trance

Review by Wilson Neate

Both the title Moodfood and the subtitle (“Aural Medication for Tired Minds”) neatly encapsulate the listening experience offered by producers Fred Hood and Grant Showbiz on this heady mix of ambient, trance, house, pop, and rock. The duo conceived of this project in almost therapeutic terms, envisaging the album as an extended, seamless composition that would stimulate, enhance or complement a range of emotional states. The resulting recording certainly reflects that intention: While it comprises individual tracks that evoke specific moods, to a certain extent they blend into one another and share recurring musical motifs. With contributions from such diverse talents as Jeff Beck, Chrissie Hynde, Johnny Marr, and Linda Muriel, this genre-blending debut displays an enormous emotive range, running the gamut from calming to exhilarating. The contemplative end of that spectrum can be heard on tracks like “Rainsong,” beautifully enhanced by the soulful voice of Linda Muriel, and on the gentle “Hairy Piano,” which pianist Liz Upchurch peppers with decorative new age melodies. The ambient calm of some of this material is shattered, however, by the driving rock of “Skinthieves.” Later appropriated as the theme music to America’s Most Wanted, this number showcases the distinctive, blistering guitar work of perennial axe-hero Jeff Beck. Meanwhile, the spaced-out house groove of “Problem Solved” and the heavier hip-hop rhythms of “100% Total Success” are more dance-oriented. The album’s centerpiece is undoubtedly the soothing and poignant “Spiritual High,” a 15-minute suite comprising three tracks that revisit Jon & Vangelis’ “State of Independence,” feature the vocals of Chrissie Hynde and, elsewhere, sample Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1963 Lincoln Memorial speech. Despite the considerable success of Moodfood, fans would have to wait five years for a studio follow-up. In 1997, Psychedelicatessen served up more of the same, albeit with less compelling results.

Klik untuk memperbesar gambar

Klik untuk memperbesar gambar

Informasi Diskografi

Track Listing
All tracks by J.F.T. Hood and Showbiz except were noted

  1. “Throw off the Shackles” – 6:19
  2. “Moodswings Overture” – 5:56
  3. “Problem Solved” – 8:11
  4. “Skinthieves” – 6:08
  5. “Rainsong” (Chrissie Hynde, Waterhouse) – 6:29
  6. “100% Total Success” – 3:51
  7. “Microcosmic” – 4:40
  8. “Spiritual High (Part I)” (Hood, Jon & Vangelis, Grant Showbiz) – 5:23
  9. “Spiritual High (State of Independence) Part II” (Hood, Jon & Vangelis, Grant Showbiz) – 4:57
  10. “Spiritual High (Part III)” (Hood, Jon & Vangelis, Grant Showbiz) – 5:14
  11. “Thailand” – 7:37
  12. “Hairy Piano” (Hood, Upchurch ) – 8:27


  • Jeff Beck – Guitar
  • Terry Disley – String Arrangements
  • Martin Hawkes – Engineer
  • J.F.T. Hood – Drums, Producer
  • Chrissie Hynde – Voices, Producer
  • Erick Labson – Engineer, Editing, Mixing, Post Production
  • Johnny Marr – Engineer
  • Mental Block – Design, Illustrations
  • Moodswings – Producer, Mixing
  • Kid Prince Moore – Vocals
  • Peter Mountain – Photography
  • Linda Muriel – Voices
  • Step Parikian – Engineer
  • Showbiz – Producer
  • Liz Upchurch – Piano
  • Amanda Vincent – Piano
  • Rob Williams – Photography


Genre: Pop/Rock, Electronic

Detail Produk

Label: Arista ‎– 07822-18619-2
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1992
Duration: 01:13:12

Kondisi CD

Bekas, jarang diputar, very good condition (seperti baru)
Collector’s item

Harga (belum termasuk ongkos kirim)

Rp. 149.000,-


0819.3292.9923 (sms)
0859.4617.9238 (wa)
75EE0783 (bbm)


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