The Ice Break

October 2, 2014 § 1 Comment

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The Ice Break is an opera in three acts by Michael Tippett, to an original English libretto by the composer. It was first produced at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, on 7 July 1977, conducted by Colin Davis, the dedicatee of the opera.

One meaning of the opera’s title is a reference to the actual physical breaking of ice on the frozen northern rivers, signaling the advent of spring. The composer has said that the subject of the opera is “whether or not we can be reborn from the stereotypes we live in.” John Warrack has noted that the work “confronts questions of stereotype on a wider scale” compared to Tippett’s earlier operas, and also in a contemporary setting. Tippett himself put this line on a preface page to a published score of the opera:

“Brother humans who live after us, do not harden your hearts against us.”

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Informasi Diskografi

Track List

    1. Years Back
    2. I Came From Exile In The Spring
    3. Look, Hannah, There’s Young Yuri
    4. Ola, Olo, Olympion!
    5. Gayle, Stop!
    6. Yuri, Yuri, I Need You
    7. Ola, Olo
    8. Nadia, Nadia
    9. And The Camps? The Prison? The Exile?
    10. Yeh, Yeh, Yeh, Yeh!
    11. He Is So Strange These Days
    12. …Who Am I To Bear The Burdens Of This World
    13. We Meet With Cordial Greetings
    14. I Must Go With Them
    15. Hi, There, Black Man!
    16. Stranger And Darker
    17. Burn, Baby, Burn!/We Stand In Rank Together
    18. Who Dies, Who Dies?
    19. The Riot
    20. Police-Or Fuzz?
    21. After The Riot
    22. Now The Boat Glided In The Hot, Noonday Sunshine
    23. How Is He, Doctor?
    24. Why Did I Leave That Other Country?
    25. Who Holds Me Tight Round The Waist
    26. Ready? Am I Ready?
    27. My Letter To You Is In Code, Not Clear
    28. Daily I Deal With Death…And Life
    29. What Happens Now, Hannah?
    30. Now His Awareness Concentrates/Spring Come To You At The Farthest
    31. Spring Come To You At The FarthesHelp Me Up, Nurse, Doctor

Genre: Classical

Detail Produk

Kondisi CD

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