Recurring Dream: Music for the Kantele

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Klik untuk memperbesar gambar

Klik untuk memperbesar gambar

By Sylvan Grey

Without the use of electronic processing of any kind, Grey produces a lush, scintillating sound from the kantele through her skillful use of bell-like accents, ringing harmonics, arpeggios, and delicate ostinatos. The music is both stirring and intimate.

Grey works wonders with the 36-string Finnish folk zither known as the kantele, which she discovered during a trip to England and studied briefly with Finland’s highly regarded teacher Ulla Katajavuori. Back in the United States, Grey devoted herself to composing music for the kantele and honed her chops performing in coffeehouses. She recorded her first album, Ice Flowers Melting, for Fortuna Records in 1981. (It was re-released in 1988.) Her finest effort, however, is her rhapsodic followup recording Recurring Dream. —Linda Kohanov

Sylvan is a great storyteller with her beautiful instrumental compositions. Listen to the sounds she gets and her phrasing on this beautiful instrument, the Kantele. She plays with great feeling, depth and soul. — George Winston

Klik untuk memperbesar gambar

Klik untuk memperbesar gambar

A kantele or harppu (in Sami) is a traditional plucked string instrument of the dulcimer and zither family native to Finland and Karelia. Its relatives can be found throughout the world, including Estonian kannel, Mari kusle, Russian gusli, Latvian kokle, and Lithuanian kanklės. Together these instruments make up the family known as Baltic psalteries. Kantele is also related to the ancient Asian instruments such as Chinese gu zheng and Japanese koto.

Klik untuk memperbesar gambar

Klik untuk memperbesar gambar

Informasi Diskografi

Track Listing

  1. Rainshadow 12:21
  2. Dream Beneah Winter Rain 14:30
  3. Beore Morning 2:57
  4. Dreamlight 2:59
  5. Recurring Dream


Detail Produk

  • Audio CD (Oct. 16 1991)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Format: Import
  • Label: Fortuna Records
  • ASIN: B0000007UJ

Style: Modern Classical, Minimal
Kondisi CD

Bekas, jarang diputar, very good condition (seperti baru)
Collector’s item

Harga (belum termasuk ongkos kirim)

Rp. 149.000,-


0819.3292.9923 (sms)
0859.4617.9238 (wa)
75EE0783 (bbm)


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