André Malraux: The Voices of Silence (Les Voix du Silence) (1951)

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By André Malraux, 1951

Iconoclastic study of the meanings of art in which the author designs a new set of categories for the artistic process and views artists and their work from a unique point of view.

Not simply one of [Malraux’s] best productions but perhaps one of the really great books of our time. —Edmund Wilson

Malraux’s great study of the visual arts is one of those rich spawning grounds of ideas which often cause such fury to the experts, such grateful and excited satisfaction to the amateurs…

What Malraux has done, with the aid of more than 600 wonderfully chosen illustrations, is to propose a philosophy of all art rather in the manner of Arnold Toynbee’s proposed of all history… a work of scholarship and imagination which has given me more to think about than any book I have read for years. —Philip Toynbee, The Observer

Nowhere else in modern art criticism can we find so magnificent a style (which combines the sumptuousness of Chateaubriand with the nervous intensity of Pascal) allied to so vast a knowledge of cultural, religious, and artistic history.A towering achievement. —Joseph Frank

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“Museum Without Walls,” the first of the four principal sections of The Voices of Silence, defines the two crucial developments of the past one hundred years which have given rise to a new concept of art. These two factors, which permit twentieth century man to inherit the cultures of the past and to assess the art of these cultures with a new vision, are the advent of photography, which made world art accessible to everyone, and the eclipse by modem art of an aesthetic ideal which prevailed from the sixteenth century to the nineteenth.

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Informasi Bibliografi

Penulis: André Malraux
Diterjemahkan dari bahasa Prancis oleh Stuart Gilbert
Penerbit: Paladin
Edisi: 1974
Bahasa: Inggris

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Soft cover
Ukuran: 19,5 x 13 cm (vertikal)
Jumlah halaman: 679

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Bekas (used book), kondisi baik (good condition), collector’s item

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