Slamet Abdul Sjukur Quotes

March 27, 2015 § Leave a comment

Slamet Abdul Sjukur. Sumber: Buku 'Parentheses 5', 1981

Slamet Abdul Sjukur. Sumber: Buku ‘Parentheses 5’, 1981

“The only problem I have is not having a problem. My advice to the young is to seek the new, to live and enjoy the moment, to maintain the spirit of togetherness.”

“I live music, I dream music. When I wake, I must not get up quickly but take time to remember the notes […] to feel the emotion, the truth. That’s what’s important.”

“There must be a sense of balance and discipline in composition. This must come from within. After we play, we understand. Music can be the voice of God.”

“When I look back on my early work, I’m not ashamed. For me creating music is a necessity, it is something that must be done. Perhaps I am a magician.”

“Music is the gift of life, but it must be treated with intelligence. I chose to follow a quiet road that’s far from the normal.”

“I’m not afraid of death—I’m too silly to think about it, though I might like a requiem, and I’m too busy. Why worry about age?”

“I don’t know if there is music beyond the grave. I only know it is here and now. This celebration of my life and work is beyond my expectations.”

“What do I want on my gravestone? Here’s something said to me many years ago by one of my students: ‘Here lies an artist. When we spoke, he listened and understood.”

“Keharuan di setiap perpisahan, membuat semua kesulitan masa lalu jadi tidak penting, semua berubah menjadi kenangan kebersamaan yang sangat berharga.

Apalagi kalau perpisahan itu dari yang biasanya kita alami bersama sepanjang hidup kemudian lenyap karena mati.” —Slamet Abdul Sjukur, suratnya kepada Ariani Ririn, 30 Agustus 2014

“Musik, suatu arsitektur yang tidak bisa dilihat tapi didengar. Musik itu sebenarnya ada bangunannya. Kalau tidak ada bangunannya, tidak akan menarik. Begitu juga ruang. Suatu musik yang tidak terdengar tapi terlihat.”

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